Treat Droopy Eyelids In Natural Ways And Get Amazing Results

Saggy eyelids can be annoying and make it hard for you to apply make up and will make you look tired or older. In general, droopy eyelids happen naturally with age, but also by some injuries in that area, nerve damages and illnesses.

One such best treatment is with eggs. Eggs are common cure and were a cure for many issues and for many centuries so far, used for beauty.

They remove scars, stop acne to appear, remove spots and blackheads, can be used as hair mask, hydrate the skin, tighten the pores and more.

What to do for droopy eyes?

Wash the face and remove the make up. Get one yolk and with cotton apply just the WHITE around the eyes. Do this with great care. Eyes must be closed until this is dry. After it, wash with lukewarm water and dry with towel.

Since this is natural, use it daily. First results are seen after a few days. See the video below for more such info:

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