Sage Tea – Professional Killer Of The Bacterias In Your Body!

The laboratory has been proven that essential oil destroys bacteria Salmonela, Schigela sonei and Eshericia colli.

The leaves are full of carbohydrates, cellulose, tannin and protein. Besides these organic compounds that contain a lot of iron and calcium and vitamin A. However, the most important ingredient of this herb is its essential oil.
Sage is unavoidable ingredient of many drugs that are used for rinsing the mouth and throat infections when they occur. We are still using today against inflammation of the throat, gullet, as well as preparation of tea against sweating of tuberculosis patients because it decreases the secretion of the sweat glands.

Moreover, sage herb acts against rising fever and chills, destroys infectious bacteria, it is a really good antioxidant, prevents spasms in the digestive organs, enhances excretion of urine, gently purifies the intestines and act on the surface of tissue collection.

We hope that this will be useful article for you and the people around you. Have a nice day and enjoy in the drink!

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