20 Coca Cola Uses That Are Unbelievable

This soda is one of the most bought sodas in USA, almost like water! It is tasty and refreshing but also unhealthy. It damages the teeth enamel and makes teeth decay more. Also, the pH tests show 2.5 and water’s pH is 7, and on the battery acid is 1!

But, did you know you can use it not just for drinking but other things too? Like cleaning agent too!


  • Clothes blood stains disappear if you rub them with coke
  • Polish pennies
  • Descale kettles
  • Clean the toilet bowl, just pour it inside and flush.
  • Remove grease stains of fabrics
  • Put on the garage floor and clean the floor
  • The acid in coke keeps away snails and slugs
  • Remove rust stains of the pool by putting 2 liters inside
  • Soak sponge in the coke or aluminum foil and remove rusty stains
  • Clean car battery with coke
  • For gum in the hair, dip the hair in coke
  • Clean engines
  • Remove paint of furniture, dip the towel in coke and rub
  • Put coke in the kitchen, on the floor to clean grout
  • Remove hair dye
  • Polish chrome and aluminum
  • Clean stains of china
  • Clean marker stain on the carpet, first with coke and then with soap water
  • Coke dissolves a tooth – put a tooth in a container with coke a longer while (this is just a fun fact)
  • Soak the pans in coke and rub nicely. All burnt marks and stains will be gone.
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